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Given the recent shenanigans on LJ with regards to privacy, I thought it might be a good idea to put more use into this account. From now on, non-fic entries will be friends-only; comment to be added.
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[So right after I signed up/posted a placeholder letter, I got swamped with a massive wave of personal/family stuff that kept me from getting any fandom-related things done, including this post, so . . . uh, whoops. If you're reading this and you've been assigned to me, go crazy! Have fun! I don't have any special preferences, so I don't care what direction you take the plot in.]
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Wow! It's shipswap time! That snuck right up on me!

General likes: fluff, friendship, idealism, established relationship, smut, hurt/comfort, women challenging the status quo, and happy endings.

General dislikes:
gratuitous violence, sexual violence, A/B/O, incest, animal death

Read more... )
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Dear Yuletide Writer,


First and most importantly, thank you for volunteering to write fic for me! Yuletide is always a fun time of year for me, because my fandoms are perpetually tiny, so this is when I get to celebrate them. 

In general, I like fic with strong female relationships (platonic or romantic), bright-eyed revolutionaries, girls coming into their own, found families, domesticity, people with strong convictions, nerdy historical/literary references, and babies. My dislikes are a bit broader- I'm not a huge fan of graphic violence (especially sexual violence) animal/pet death, abusive relationships, female character bashing, or A/B/O. 

Far From You - Sophie Winters, Mina Bishop )

Girls Like Girls - Coley, Sonya )

Mad Max - Cheedo the Fragile, The Splendid Angharad, Capable, The Dag )

Hamilton - Any Character )
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Likes: fluff, friendship, feminism, idealism, period detail, smut, hurt/comfort, women challenging the status quo, and happy endings.

animal death, incest, rape/noncon, angst, and major character death.

Girls Like Girls, Coley/Sonya )

Marvel Cinematic Universe, Karen Page/Claire Temple )

Mad Max, Cheedo/the Dag, Angharad/Capable )

Historical RPF, Christina of Sweden/Ebba Sparre )
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Likes: fluff, friendship, feminism, femslash [is absolutely an option for any of the pairings I've mentioned] women navigating the expectations placed on them, idealism, uprisings, and happy endings.

DNWs: animal death, incest, rape/noncon, and major character death.

16th & 17th Century CE RPF
Christina of Sweden, Ebba Sparre

My main frame of reference for Christina's reign is Michel Bouchard's The Girl King and the Royal Diaries book about Christina that I read when I was a kid, so don't worry too much about the fussy accuracy details- if you fudge a date or have someone firing an anachronistic pistol, I either won't notice or won't care.

What I do care about is Christina and Ebba- how their relationship functioned, what they saw in each other, what roles they played (versus what roles they were expected to play.) What was their relationship built on? Shared interests? Rebellion? What was the dynamic? Was it a queen/knight thing, or was Christina the more protective one? What kinds of letters did they write to each other after Christina left Sweden? Was Ebba aware of her plans to abdicate? Etc, etc, etc.

Strange Empire
Kat Loving, Rebecca Blithely, Robin Loving, Mary Collacut

I love Kat and Rebecca's relationship in canon- these two people who don't quite fit, but bring out the best in each other and just click almost immediately. So anything about them being mutually supportive, learning about each other, defending each other from people who don't get it, etc.

Robin and Mary- from Robin's perspective, I'd love to read anything about her interacting with her powers and how she feels about them. When did they start? Did she inherit them? If she did, was her mother/grandmother/other female relative around to explain what was going on, or did she have to figure it out for herself? She and Kelly are obviously both practiced carnival hucksters (since we see Kelly dealing tarot cards) but Robin seems to be the only one with a genuine gift. Does she use it when they're hustling? What kinds of ghosts has she seen? I'd also love to read about her relationship with Mary, since these two girls from different circumstances seem to have become close friends almost immediately upon meeting. What kinds of things did they confide in each other? Did Robin help Mary out with the baby? Do they talk about their pasts at all? (If you want to write it as a Baby's First Girlfriend fic, no objections here!)

The Tudors (TV)
Katherine Howard, Joan Bulmer

Ah, so this show and I have a . . . complicated relationship, but I was fascinated by the glimpses we got of Katherine and Joan's relationship. They were close friends/girlfriends as kids, but then they were both suddenly catapulted to an environment that neither one had any kind of preparation for. Joan seems to be the wilier one of the two- she essentially blackmailed her way into Katherine's household, after all- but she was also deeply loyal, and did what Katherine asked her to even when she knew that it was incredibly dangerous and might end up taking her down along with Katherine and Culpepper. What motivated her? How did Katherine feel about having her around? How did their past complicate things? We saw Joan at Katherine's execution- she must have chosen to go. Why? What was she feeling?
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Likes: fluff, friendship, feminism, femmeslash, idealism, and happy endings.

DNWs: animal death, incest, rape/noncon, angst, and major character death.

Strange Empire

Kat Loving, Rebecca Blithely

Shipping: I absolutely ship Kat/Rebecca, so if that's where you want to go with the fic, you have two thumbs up from me! Other than that, I don't really have any ships for either of them, but I don't mind if you include any of the canon pairings (Kat/Caleb, Rebecca/Morgan, etc.)

Other than shipping in a romantic sense, I just really adore their relationship and how they relate to each other- how Kat affords Rebecca more respect than probably anyone else in her life, and how Rebecca admires Kat. I love that they keep saving each other, whether it's Kat riding up to save Rebecca from the coachman or Rebecca buying Kat and her girls out from the brothel. (Speaking of- I didn't include them in my requests, but if you want to do found family stuff with Kat, Rebecca, and the kids, I'd be totally on board with that.) Basically anything about their relationship would be fine by me.

Turner Series - Courtney Milan
Jessica Farleigh

Shipping: any kind of Jessica/Mark story would be MORE than okay.

Other: Unclaimed is my favourite book in the Turner series, and it's largely because of Jessica- I love that she starts out almost as a brooding antihero with a dark past, and her storyline is learning to let herself trust and love and be loved. Anything about her life after the book ends would be great- how she adjusts to being married, how she relates to her sisters-in-law, how she relates to Mark, whether or not they start a family (the issue was raised in the book, so- adopted or biological, it doesn't matter) or just her life in general, no that she longer has to worry about her livelihood or safety.

The Musketeers
Fleur Baudin

Shipping: I don't have any specific canon ships for her. The one thing I'd prefer is that she not be written in a het relationship. (A femslash relationship is great.)

Other: Fleur is probably one of my favourite one-off characters in any show, ever. I love how idealistic and passionate she is, and I love that she ended up being allowed to continue her education. I also love how much she clearly values her relationships with the women in her life. For fic, any exploration of her education, what she wants to do with her life, or her female friendships would be fantastic.
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Likes: fluff, friendship, feminism, people with conflicting ideas and ideologies coming together in spite of (or perhaps because of) it, femmeslash, shenanigans with religion, and happy endings.

DNWs: animal death, incest, rape/noncon, and major character death.

Perfect Creature, Lilly/Silus )

Hair, Claude/Berger )


Dec. 29th, 2014 08:41 pm
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Black Beauty

The Kindness of Men (Ginger, G) I haven't read Black Beauty in years, and would never have thought to go looking for fic for it, but I'm glad I clicked on this one. It's an alternate ending for Ginger, and warms my rescue-pet-owning heart.

Brothers Sinister Series

The Christmas Box (Genevieve/Amanda, E) MY PRESENT. In which Genevieve and Amanda explore the (sexy) joys of modernity.


someday we won't remember this (Lafontaine/Perry, T) Lafontaine and JP get their fake date on to make Perry jealous. It's exactly as romcom as it sounds.

Silas University Student Handbook, Bestiary, and Survival Guide (Abridged) (Laura/Carmilla, G) Unsurprisingly, there are a few unusual caveats in the Silas student handbook. Cute and funny.

Elizabethan and Jacobean Theatre & Literature RPF

Sad Stories of the Death of Kings (Shakespeare and Marlowe, G) Because it's not Yuletide without Shakespeare and Marlowe: the two playwrights experiment with genre. I feel like somewhere in the afterlife, Derek Jarman is tenting his fingers delightedly at this fic.

Kiss Kiss Bang Bang

Bullets Are A Nuisance (Perry/Harry, T) The dialogue- which makes up most of the fic- is pitch-perfectly suited to canon, and I love the hypochondriac Harry/long-suffering Perry dynamic here.

(re)scheduling conflict resolution (Perry/Harry, Harry/Harmony, T) Once again, the dialogue is perfect, and the dynamic of Perry and Harmony trading off Harry while Harry splutters is deeply hilarious. 

Scarborough Fair

gather it all in a bunch of heather (OFC/OFC) Talking about the details of this one would spoil it, but it's beautiful and bittersweet.

True Detective

Little Cactus (Rust Cohle, Audrey Hart, T) OW OW OW. The Rust/Audrey dynamic is severely underexplored in canon, and this fic fills in the gap beautifully while staying true to both characters and following up on the themes of the show.
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Hello exchangee! First let me say that if we share any of the fandoms on my list, CHANCES ARE we have a few things in common; at the very least, we share a common love of these characters! A few other things I love, narratively, include FREEDOM, loving equal relationships, dudes who think their girlfriends hang the moon, femslash, baby idealists, idealism in general, and adventure! Obviously the ways in which these apply will vary depending on what fandom you're writing for, but they give a good basic overview of what my narrative priorities are.

In terms of stuff I don't like- "darkfic" basically covers it. I'd like to avoid things like rape/abuse/death if at all possible (obviously in canons like Hexslingers or The Killing these things have already happened, but I'd rather not read about them happening AGAIN) and kinkwise I'm pretty much vanilla. That said, I AM completely open to you writing a fic that would qualify for Night On Fuck Mountain, if the mood strikes you!

The Killing )

Hexslingers )

Stigmata )

Jesus Christ Superstar )

The Musketeers )
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(Some of this is c/p'd from me Yuletide letter because I am nothing if not consistent with my requests.)

dear shipswapper )
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Dear Yulegoat,


First of all, there's no pressure here; we share at least one fandom, so I assume we have at least some form of shared interest/shipping preferences. My only real hard rule is that I don't like angst or darkfic- nothing personal if you do! I've just had a rough couple of years, and I'm not really in a place at this point where I enjoy reading about people being unhappy. Like I said, that's my only really hard rule; I don't really have any kinks, so if you're writing smut (which I have NO objection to) vanilla is probably your best bet. If you want a really, really involved list of my narrative soft spots, you can read this, but you don't have to; I cover my individual Feels about my requests in this letter. Speaking of . . .

The Killing )

Jesus Christ Superstar (2000) )

Hexslingers Series )

Stigmata )
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Hi there, scribbler! So I keep a handy list of Tropes I Like and Tropes I Don't for exchanges like this- you can read it here. Don't feel pressured to include everything- they're just suggestions! In general, I like fluff, cuddling, happy people in love, awesome ladies, and just people enjoying each other in general. I don't like angst (especially for queer characters- I get why it exists, but it exhausts me), death fic, or darkfic in general. I'm pretty chill when it comes to fic.

fandom specifics )
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This meme is THE BEST IDEA EVER. Basically, comment on the source post with a lost of things you wish people would get into (books, movies, TV shows, etc) and in your LJ, expound a bit on what these things are and why you love them. People look at your list and say "I'll watch this show in exchange for graphics of this character," and the fandom love spreads!

TV )

Movies )

Theatre )

Books )
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HELLO INTERNETS. Do you enjoy:
  1. folk music
  2. the work of independent singer-songwriters
if you checked any of the above, you are in luck! One of my favourite musical artists, Heather Dale, just put out an entirely free, downloadable CD called PERPETUAL GIFT. It contains fourteen re-recorded versions of her most popular songs, as well as cover art! There is no price, and the only thing she asks in return is that you share the link around with your friends. The tracklisting is:
  1. Intro: Hi From Heather
  2. As I Am
  3. Choose
  4. Farmer’s Curst Wife
  5. Fisherman’s Boy
  6. Sedna
  7. The Holly and the Ivy
  8. Fairytale
  9. Mordred’s Lullaby
  10. One of Us
  11. Roddy McCorley
  12. Hunter
  13. Huron Carol
  14. Joan
  15. Up Into The Pear Tree
  16. Outro: How You Can Help
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Hello, yulegoat! First let me say that if we share any one of the fandoms on this list, you already seem like a cool person, and I'm sure we have stuff in common. I'm not terribly fussy about fic, and I've loved every story I've gotten in past Yuletides, so don't stress about it! If you'd like some suggestions, here is list of my kinks and anti-kinks. Don't feel pressured to include ALL of those- just think of them as a guideline. The only really hard "rule" I have is that I really don't like darkfic or stuff with sad endings. I'm fine with sad things happening in-story (though it's not something I tend to seek out) but sad endings will put me down for hours afterwards, so I try to avoid them where possible. Apart from that (and my general non-kinkiness- I've written PWP before, so you can see from there how I tend to swing re: sex in fic) just about anything you choose to do is good!

[Anon commenting is ON for this entry, both on LJ and DW, so you can sneak in and ask for clarification if you want: I won't know it's you!]

here we come a-fanficcing )
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So you may not know this, if you're a first-time reader here, but I'm Canadian. As such, I'm pretty invested in our film and TV industry, which is a place with a lot of ups and downs. Sure we produced Hayden Christensen (and we are so, so sorry) but we also make some damn fine TV! Corner Gas, for instance, is an excellent Canadian TV show. So is Lost Girl. And then you've got our brand-new World War II drama, Bomb Girls, which- and I say this without exaggeration- is one of the best period dramas I've seen some out of the last few years.

Okay, so what's it about? )
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