Oct. 6th, 2012

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Hello, yulegoat! First let me say that if we share any one of the fandoms on this list, you already seem like a cool person, and I'm sure we have stuff in common. I'm not terribly fussy about fic, and I've loved every story I've gotten in past Yuletides, so don't stress about it! If you'd like some suggestions, here is list of my kinks and anti-kinks. Don't feel pressured to include ALL of those- just think of them as a guideline. The only really hard "rule" I have is that I really don't like darkfic or stuff with sad endings. I'm fine with sad things happening in-story (though it's not something I tend to seek out) but sad endings will put me down for hours afterwards, so I try to avoid them where possible. Apart from that (and my general non-kinkiness- I've written PWP before, so you can see from there how I tend to swing re: sex in fic) just about anything you choose to do is good!

[Anon commenting is ON for this entry, both on LJ and DW, so you can sneak in and ask for clarification if you want: I won't know it's you!]

here we come a-fanficcing )


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