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Hello, yulegoat! First let me say that if we share any one of the fandoms on this list, you already seem like a cool person, and I'm sure we have stuff in common. I'm not terribly fussy about fic, and I've loved every story I've gotten in past Yuletides, so don't stress about it! If you'd like some suggestions, here is list of my kinks and anti-kinks. Don't feel pressured to include ALL of those- just think of them as a guideline. The only really hard "rule" I have is that I really don't like darkfic or stuff with sad endings. I'm fine with sad things happening in-story (though it's not something I tend to seek out) but sad endings will put me down for hours afterwards, so I try to avoid them where possible. Apart from that (and my general non-kinkiness- I've written PWP before, so you can see from there how I tend to swing re: sex in fic) just about anything you choose to do is good!

[Anon commenting is ON for this entry, both on LJ and DW, so you can sneak in and ask for clarification if you want: I won't know it's you!]

Fandom: Women of the Otherworld - Kelley Armstrong

These books were the defining fandom of my teenhood, and I came back to them earlier this year when Thirteen came out. I love, love, LOVE the characters in this series, the found family they make, and the relationships they have with each other. My OTP for the series is Jaime/Jeremy, and has been for a long time- I just love how kind they both are, how much they genuinely want to help people, and how much they enjoy each other. I'd love a story about them having adventures on their weekends off, how they view each other- just their relationship, basically.

Fandom: Copper

I was initially drawn to this show because it was sold to me as a period drama with emphasis on immigrant communities and the lower classes, which is my main historical interest. Turns out it was all that, and more. I love the way the show deals with class, race, and gender. I love the relationships. I love the way the characters are written- there's none of the "men who are complete douchebags but you should root for them because they're The Heroes" types that I loathe. Instead, while Corky and the others make bad choices, they're good people at heart.

I requested Corky and Annie because they're my favourites, and I love the relationships- I think this is an unpopular opinion? Actually I think loving Annie in general is an unpopular opinion, but she's the biggest standout of the show for me. Corky and Annie's relationship guts me- I love the father-daughter-ness of it, I love Kevin being protective and gentle and still REALLY BAD at this whole parenting thing, I love Annie struggling with her skewed view of the world, I love that she's found an adult she can trust, even though she doesn't really understand how to relate to him or deal with her feelings. I'd like family fic with the two of them (maybe Christmas, if you can swing it)- you don't have to go wildly fluffy or OOC, but my opinion of OOC is, again, not necessarily in line with a lot of fandom's (I don't think Annie is a psychopath or irredeemable or unable to recover from her past) so yeah- if you can stay true to the characters and deal with their issues while still giving them a relatively happy ending, that would be fantastic.

Fandom: Newsies! The Musical- Fierstein/Menken

Mostly you can see last year's letter for my feelings on this one. I've also had gift stories written for me in this fandom and have written some myself, if you need extra inspiration. Basically I'd love anything about Jack and Katherine's relationship, them changing the world, their activism, their home life together, anything! Bonus points for including David, in a friend or OT3 sense.
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