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Niobe/Lucius Vorenus, Vorena the Elder/Octavia of the Julii

Ah, one of my first fandoms! For Niobe/Vorenus I'd basically accept anything about their marriage, from the early days before he went off to war to the period when they were just getting to know each other again after he came home. My only request is that both characters be present in the fic- I've read fic about him being sad after he dies, but I love Niobe, so I'd really like to read fic where she's still alive. (Or even an AU where she doesn't die at all!)

Vorena/Octavia is, I realize, a massive crack pairing, but at the same time it makes so much sense to me- they're both survivors, they've both dealt with a lot of in-family pain and trauma, and in Octavia's case at least, we know she's into women. I'd just really like to read fic about what would happen if they met and fell for each other- how would that work? How would they view each other/their class differences? And how hilarious would Atia be as Vorena's mother-in-law?

The Musketeers
Fleur Baudin/Flea, Anne of Austria/Constance Bonacieux (The Musketeers), d'Artagnan/Constance Bonacieux

Fleur/Flea is, again, a crack pairing because they've never interacted- but wouldn't it be interesting if they did? Fleur's so young and idealistic and clearly has a thing for blondes (cough) and Flea's older and more hardened but still invested in protecting the Court of Miracles. I'd love to see what would happen if they ever bumped into each other- shenanigans? philosophical discussion? Sex? (All three?)

Anne/Constance is something I'm really hoping for next season because we've seen set pics of Constance in court clothes and I'm hoping SO MUCH that she's going to become Anne's maid/confidante. I have a huge thing for maid/mistress relationships, and it would be amazing to see a fic where Constance basically became Anne's second-in-command- like a king and lionheart dynamic, only with a queen instead.

d'Art/Constance, finally, and this request is pretty simple- I think they're adorable and would love to read about them being adorable, investigating musketeer business, playing house, whatever.

Penny Dreadful
Ethan Chandler/Dorian Gray, Ethan Chandler/Brona Croft

This show doesn't have love triangles because everyone's basically banging each other anyway. So I'd be happy with Ethan/Dorian or Ethan/Brona or the three of them setting up a happy little poly household where Brona's medical care gets paid for and everyone makes out a lot and nothing bad happens. Looking at you, Victor.
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