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Likes: fluff, friendship, feminism, femmeslash, idealism, and happy endings.

DNWs: animal death, incest, rape/noncon, angst, and major character death.

Strange Empire

Kat Loving, Rebecca Blithely

Shipping: I absolutely ship Kat/Rebecca, so if that's where you want to go with the fic, you have two thumbs up from me! Other than that, I don't really have any ships for either of them, but I don't mind if you include any of the canon pairings (Kat/Caleb, Rebecca/Morgan, etc.)

Other than shipping in a romantic sense, I just really adore their relationship and how they relate to each other- how Kat affords Rebecca more respect than probably anyone else in her life, and how Rebecca admires Kat. I love that they keep saving each other, whether it's Kat riding up to save Rebecca from the coachman or Rebecca buying Kat and her girls out from the brothel. (Speaking of- I didn't include them in my requests, but if you want to do found family stuff with Kat, Rebecca, and the kids, I'd be totally on board with that.) Basically anything about their relationship would be fine by me.

Turner Series - Courtney Milan
Jessica Farleigh

Shipping: any kind of Jessica/Mark story would be MORE than okay.

Other: Unclaimed is my favourite book in the Turner series, and it's largely because of Jessica- I love that she starts out almost as a brooding antihero with a dark past, and her storyline is learning to let herself trust and love and be loved. Anything about her life after the book ends would be great- how she adjusts to being married, how she relates to her sisters-in-law, how she relates to Mark, whether or not they start a family (the issue was raised in the book, so- adopted or biological, it doesn't matter) or just her life in general, no that she longer has to worry about her livelihood or safety.

The Musketeers
Fleur Baudin

Shipping: I don't have any specific canon ships for her. The one thing I'd prefer is that she not be written in a het relationship. (A femslash relationship is great.)

Other: Fleur is probably one of my favourite one-off characters in any show, ever. I love how idealistic and passionate she is, and I love that she ended up being allowed to continue her education. I also love how much she clearly values her relationships with the women in her life. For fic, any exploration of her education, what she wants to do with her life, or her female friendships would be fantastic.


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