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Likes: fluff, friendship, feminism, femslash [is absolutely an option for any of the pairings I've mentioned] women navigating the expectations placed on them, idealism, uprisings, and happy endings.

DNWs: animal death, incest, rape/noncon, and major character death.

16th & 17th Century CE RPF
Christina of Sweden, Ebba Sparre

My main frame of reference for Christina's reign is Michel Bouchard's The Girl King and the Royal Diaries book about Christina that I read when I was a kid, so don't worry too much about the fussy accuracy details- if you fudge a date or have someone firing an anachronistic pistol, I either won't notice or won't care.

What I do care about is Christina and Ebba- how their relationship functioned, what they saw in each other, what roles they played (versus what roles they were expected to play.) What was their relationship built on? Shared interests? Rebellion? What was the dynamic? Was it a queen/knight thing, or was Christina the more protective one? What kinds of letters did they write to each other after Christina left Sweden? Was Ebba aware of her plans to abdicate? Etc, etc, etc.

Strange Empire
Kat Loving, Rebecca Blithely, Robin Loving, Mary Collacut

I love Kat and Rebecca's relationship in canon- these two people who don't quite fit, but bring out the best in each other and just click almost immediately. So anything about them being mutually supportive, learning about each other, defending each other from people who don't get it, etc.

Robin and Mary- from Robin's perspective, I'd love to read anything about her interacting with her powers and how she feels about them. When did they start? Did she inherit them? If she did, was her mother/grandmother/other female relative around to explain what was going on, or did she have to figure it out for herself? She and Kelly are obviously both practiced carnival hucksters (since we see Kelly dealing tarot cards) but Robin seems to be the only one with a genuine gift. Does she use it when they're hustling? What kinds of ghosts has she seen? I'd also love to read about her relationship with Mary, since these two girls from different circumstances seem to have become close friends almost immediately upon meeting. What kinds of things did they confide in each other? Did Robin help Mary out with the baby? Do they talk about their pasts at all? (If you want to write it as a Baby's First Girlfriend fic, no objections here!)

The Tudors (TV)
Katherine Howard, Joan Bulmer

Ah, so this show and I have a . . . complicated relationship, but I was fascinated by the glimpses we got of Katherine and Joan's relationship. They were close friends/girlfriends as kids, but then they were both suddenly catapulted to an environment that neither one had any kind of preparation for. Joan seems to be the wilier one of the two- she essentially blackmailed her way into Katherine's household, after all- but she was also deeply loyal, and did what Katherine asked her to even when she knew that it was incredibly dangerous and might end up taking her down along with Katherine and Culpepper. What motivated her? How did Katherine feel about having her around? How did their past complicate things? We saw Joan at Katherine's execution- she must have chosen to go. Why? What was she feeling?


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