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Likes: fluff, friendship, feminism, idealism, period detail, smut, hurt/comfort, women challenging the status quo, and happy endings.

animal death, incest, rape/noncon, angst, and major character death.

Girls Like Girls

My GOD, this video. It's basically the "All The Things She Said" of 2015, only with less involvement from sleazy Russian producers. Because this canon is so small, there's endless possibilities for fic- write about what happened before, or what happened afterwords. How long have these girls been friends? When did they each realize they liked girls? When did they realize they liked each other? It's all up to you.

Marvel Cinematic Universe
Karen Page/Claire Temple

I'll be honest, this started out as a crack pairing for me- but the more I thought about it, the more sense it made. Claire is attracted to people with heroic tendencies; Karen's just as bad as Matt in that regard, but she's not nearly as desensitized to violence. Karen and Claire both have the drive to help people, and if you paired them, they'd make a fantastic team. So- put them together and what happens? What battles are they fighting? How do they deal with the violence inherent in the system involved in saving Hell's Kitchen?

Mad Max: Fury Road
Cheedo the Fragile/the Dag, The Splendid Angharad/Capable

These two are basically treated as an established relationship in fandom, which is both satisfying and frustrating- satisfying because hey, acknowledgement! but frustrating because it means that they're often relegated to a background pairing. What fascinates me about them is that they're clearly very close, but we don't have much information about when or how they got that way. Even so, we get all these little glimpses of how they relate to each other- we know the Dag is soemwhat idiosyncratic in the way she talks, but Cheedo always seems to understand her perfectly. We also know that Cheedo is/was called "the Fragile" and the Dag seems protective of her, but that dynamic is probably going to shift after the end of the movie, since Cheedo saved everyone. Again- what came before, and what comes after now that everything's changed?

What intrigues me about Angharad/Capable is that from the little time we see them together before Angharad's death, they seem to have something of a lieutenant-captain relationship, with Angharad taking the lead and Capable supporting her. Capable is always the first one following Angharad: she tries to go to her when she gets hit with Max's bullet, she binds her wound, she holds her steady while she's leaning out of the rig. And after Angharad dies, Capable steps into the leadership role, looking after Toast and Cheedo. I'd love to see anything about them planning the escape together, or an AU where Angharad doesn't fall and is present throughout the rest of the movie.

(Feel free to ignore the prequel comics: I haven't read them, don't plan to read them, and am firmly on Team Only The Movie Counts As Canon.)

Historical RPF
Christina of Sweden/Ebba Sparre

Ebba Sparre was Christina's handmaiden and lover until Christina abdicated the throne of Sweden at the age of twenty-six, in part because she couldn't stand the idea of getting married. They never met in person again after that (Christina wasn't allowed to return to Sweden, and Ebba didn't have the means to leave) but exchanged letters for the rest of their lives. If you wanted, you could write an epistolary fic about their letters to each other while Christina was wandering Europe, or you could write a fic set during the period when Christina was considering giving up the throne.
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