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Wow! It's shipswap time! That snuck right up on me!

General likes: fluff, friendship, idealism, established relationship, smut, hurt/comfort, women challenging the status quo, and happy endings.

General dislikes:
gratuitous violence, sexual violence, A/B/O, incest, animal death

The Black Tapes Podcast
Alex Reagan/Richard Strand

OH BOY these two. These. Two. I don't think I've encountered this level of stubborn belief-vs-science squabbling combined with unresolved sexual tension since I originally watched The X-Files back in high school. Which is appropriate, I suppose, because this show is very much a spiritual X-Files successor. Season two has been pretty stressful so far in terms of what's going on with Alex/Strand, so I would definitely enjoy any fic where they got to take a few days off snuggling in bed.going to museums or just having lots of sex. I'd especially like seeing something nice happening to Alex, since she's been under so much stress and no one really seems to be looking out for her. I'd especially like seeing Strand offering emotional support to Alex somehow, since it's been rather lopsided thus far. 

Original Work
Lady-in-waiting/Queen, Female Ghost/Female Ghost Hunter

Lady-in-waiting/Queen: I love the "king/lionheart" trope, and this is essentially that applied to specifically female roles, and the queen/lady-in-waiting relationship is such a close one- the lady-in-waiting knows, basically, everything about the woman she serves, and the queen holds all the cards but could be brought down if one of her handmaidens betrayed her. So for the relationship to work, there has to be a massive amount of trust- especially in a royal court, where there's so much backstabbing and politics. So I would love to see a fic that drew on any of that balance of trust and conflict, especially if it involves loyalty kink! (Sexual or nonsexual.)

Female Ghost/Female Ghost Hunter: I adore ghost stories, and I love ghost hunters in the Plucky Girl Detective model. So I really like the idea of a ghost hunter (and I'm using "hunter" in the general sense of "person who seeks out ghosts," not a "person who tries to kill/disperse ghosts" way) running across a ghost and falling in love with her, or vice versa. Who is the ghost? How long has she been dead, and how di she die? Is the ghost hunter investigating her death/disappearance? What pushed the ghost hunter to look for ghosts in the first place? The possibilities are endless! 

Strange Empire
Kat Loving/Rebecca Blithely, Kat Loving/Isabelle Slotter/Rebecca Blithely

One of the things that jumped out at me about Kat and Rebecca right from the start is how vastly different their experiences are, yet how quickly they come to connect and care for each other. Right in the first episode, Kat encourages Rebecca to talk about her medical work, and Rebecca's clearly overjoyed that someone is interested. In "The Whiskey Trader," Rebecca is the first to stick up for Kat when no one else wants to. And all through the series, they work together to fix whatever is going wrong. I love the idea of these two women who've both been treated like "others" coming together and making a family in a new place where none of the old rules apply. So I would love an fic along those lines!

And of course, Kat/Isabelle/Rebecca- how could I not? They're the triumvirate that made the show work, and they all have their own unique ways of approaching the world, but in the end they had to rely on each other. Anything about the three of them working in tandem would be great, especially if they get thrown together by something and have to work through various tensions and apprehensions to get it done. I'd also love fic focusing on Isabelle slowly growing to trust the other two, or Kat and Isabelle's marriage.


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