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Andrew Kiernan/Frankie Paige
Priest Kink, Religious Icons, Experienced/Inexperienced, First Time, Body Worship, Woman on Top

What I love about this pairing is how much she challenges him, and what an impact she has on his life- I mean, he flips from being a Catholic priest to believing in her, which is a huge shift that involves all kinds of trust and love and faith. I really like religion kink, which you can see reflected in my requests, and I especially love disciple/messiah pairings- where half the pairing is chosen for something divine (even if they're unsure of how or why) and the other person believes in and supports them, so I'd love to see that as a factor. 

Jesus Christ Superstar - All Media Types

Jesus Christ/Judas Iscariot 
Body Worship, Religious Icons, Vulnerability, Self-Sacrifice

Speaking of messiah/disciple pairings! What I like about this ship is that they obviously challenge each other, and they understand each other- even if they don't always like what they understand- but they can never really stop challenging, or rubbing up against each other's roughest edges. So anything about that conflict- the love and the frustration and the incoming tragedy that they can't avoid- would be great.

Daredevil (TV)
Karen Page/Claire Temple (Daredevil)
Tribadism, Strap-Ons, Vaginal Fingering, Body admiration, Comfort Sex, Hand-holding During Sex

The possibilities of Claire/Karen fascinate me because Karen has a lot of the same qualities that make Matt Daredevil- the recklessness, the compassion, the drive for justice- but she lacks that sense of rage that I think is what frightened Claire when she saw it in Matt. To that end, I'd love to see anything that reflects that kind of dynamic, with the push-pull of Karen being drawn to danger but afraid to acknowledge it and Claire wanting justice but not wanting to compromise her principles in the process. They're also both deeply empathetic people, which I think would translate extremely well in bed. 

The Black Tapes Podcast
Alex Reagan/Richard Strand
Nerd Kink, First Time, Vulnerability, Talked to Orgasm, Woman on Top

I mentioned partner pairings, yes? This particular partnership has gone a bit . . . awry in the latest season (although I hold out hope that they can get their shit together, hopefully after they both get some food and a decent night's sleep) but what I like about them- when they're functioning normally, anyway- is how well they balance each other's viewpoints, with Strand challenging Alex to look beyond the obvious and Alex refusing to let Strand's knee-jerk dismissiveness slide. I think this kind of dynamic would translate really well in bed- and of course, Strand seems deeply repressed in a lot of ways (when he doesn't want to acknowledge something, he just straight-up ignores/represses it) so seeing him come undone- intentionally, at Alex's hands- would be deeply, deeply hot.

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