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Likes: strong female relationships (platonic or romantic), bright-eyed revolutionaries, girls coming into their own, found families, domesticity, people with strong convictions, nerdy historical/literary references, and babies.

sexual violence, animal/pet death, abusive relationships, A/B/O

Historical RPF

Juana Ines de la Cruz/Original Female Character Charity Bryant/Sylvia Drake

So I listed "original female character" for Juana because there's really not much information about her female friends in the historical record- we know she was supported by the wife of the Viceroy of New Spain and that she wrote her romantic poetry (romantic enough to pop a few monocles, anyway) but we don't have any of their letters, or even the Vicerine's name. So you can really take this prompt in any direction you want- Juana was obviously a fiercely intelligent, passionate person, so how would that translate to her relationship with another woman? What common ground would they find? How would they inspire each other?

For Charity and Sylvia, all I really want is curtainfic- one of the sweetest things about their story is how ordinary and domestic their life together was, so anything that involves them going about their day, interacting with each other/their apprentices/their wide surrogate family (like any of the various Charities or Sylvias running around Weybridge (maybe the first time they learned that someone had named their daughter after them?) Just anything about their lives together and how they supported each other through 40+ years of marriage.

Gravel To Tempo - Hayley Kiyoko (Music video)
Hayley (Gravel to Tempo)/Blake (Gravel to Tempo)

The great thing about Hayley's music videos is how much information you can glean from just the facial expressions and physical movement, and how much is still left to interpretation. That said, this expression:

-only has one interpretation for me; she's thirsty! So anything about the progression of their relationship, what Blake thinks of Hayley, what Hayley thinks of Blake (is she crushing specifically on her? Or does she just envy the whole in-crowd and their feelings for each other develop after the fact?) You could also take it to a completely different genre if you wanted- that dance with the burning pictures, was that symbolic or actual witchcraft? 

The Black Tapes Podcast  
Amalia Chenkova/Alex Reagan

I love how smart and driven both women are in pursuit of answers, even when it brings them into danger (don't visit haunted monasteries/go into the murder house!) and following that line of thinking, I feel like a relationship between them could be fascinatingly explosive. Do either of them have an "off" switch? Is there a point at which one will draw a line in the sand, either for the sake of journalistic ethics or personal safety? And if one was actually put into harm's way, how would the other handle it?

Strange Empire (TV)  
Rebecca Blithely/Kat Loving Rebecca Blithely/Kat Loving/Isabelle Slotter

So I've shipped Kat/Rebecca more or less from the word "go" when they had that first conversation about Rebecca's history and education and Kat gave her that gun. I love how much they implicitly trust and respect each other, how they seem to have an innate understanding of how the wider world treats them unfairly (which is, after all, kind of a thesis statement for the whole show) and just how well they work together in general. Even when they spend a few episodes apart, they still fall into that pattern of silent communication when shit needs to get done. 

. . . and then Isabelle entered the picture! So obviously Isabelle/Kat offers a wealth of possibilities, some more comedic than others (Isabelle Slotter-Loving: Awkward Stepmom?) but I'd feel bad leaving Rebecca out of the picture, and they did all work together in the finale. I think in some ways, all three compliment each other; Isabelle is ruthlessly pragmatic but also superstitious, Rebecca is booksmart and hard-headed when it comes to the supernatural but also very emotional, and Kat is the one who best understands how to navigate between feelings and facts. So I'd like to see what that dynamic looks like in practice- how do the three of them survive together? How do they manage Janestown, and what does their family dynamic look like?
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