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Thank you for writing for me!

As far as likes and dislikes are concerned, I'm relatively easy to please- I'm not a fan of darkfic or unhappy endings, and I love hurt/comfort, fluff, smut, and established/affectionate relationships. I read het, slash, and femslash (although given my requests this year, slash is kind of removed from the equation since there's only two guys here) and will happily read any rating from G to R. My only hard DNWs are animal harm, incest, sexual assault, and major character death. 


The Handmaiden

Sook-hee, Lady Hideko

Wow, this movie was a wild ride! I'd been vaguely familiar with the plot of Fingersmith, but even knowing the twists ahead of time, I don't think I was quite prepared for this movie. (If nothing else, it got me to sit and pay rapt attention for two and a half hours, which is no mean feat.) I loved how much the movie's plot hinged on the two women coming to understand and trust each other (I actually feel that Park Chan-Wook improved on the plot by removing some of the betrayal twists, because it strengthened the central relationship.) I love that Sook-hee, for all that she's a career criminal, is actually a very emotion-driven person with a strong moral compass. I love that Hideko was raised in this hideous environment, but still finds the strength to trick her way out. For fic, anything about their lives post-movie would be great. Or their lives during the movie, and what they're thinking and feeling while falling for each other. (Given the tone of the film, PWP would be entirely appropriate here! Especially PWP with feelings.) 

The Black Tapes Podcast
Alex Reagan, Richard Strand, Amalia Chenkova

As a childhood X-Phile, this podcast was basically made for me. I have some frustrations with it (we have so much backstory and interiority for characters like Nic and Strand and so little for Alex or Amalia or Coralee) but hey, that's what fic is for. Casefic would be AMAZING here, since the monster-of-the-week episodes were always my favourites. I ship both Alex/Strand and Alex/Amalia, so fic in either direction would be great. I'd especially like fic that looks at how Alex is dealing with all the crazy shit that's going on in her life since she started the podcast. Or the three of them could go on an OT3 roadtrip! (Note: I haven't listened to TANIS, so any references to that will go right over my head.)

The Conjuring (movies)
Ed Warren, Lorraine Warren

Speaking of monster-of-the-week! I know the IRL Warrens were kind of terrible people (or at the very least, deeply deluded about what they did for a living) but the fictional Warrens are so incredibly charming and in love. I adore how supportive they are of each other, how you can tell they've been a couple forever and have little in-jokes and stories but still have a sense of fun about their relationship. Anything about them would be great- slice-of-life stuff, casefic (either pulled from the existing Warren casefiles, or just made up out of whole cloth) backstory showing how they met, etc. 


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